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I'm surrounded by aliens!

It's Monday, isn't it? What could happen, happened today. Drive 37 miles to pick up a client and drive 37 miles back home, only to be bothered by the director " Hey Ronda, are you at CP?" (This is usually when I roll my eyes and wonder if my boss is all there) I kindly reminded her that on Mondays, I always pickup our Greybull client.

2 things I do know, I know my boss's job and my co-director's job better then both of them put together. If I was ever to leave, the business would be in a world of hurt. Unfortunately, that's what's going to happen in the near future. Like most typical jobs, if you are a great worker and on salary you get worked to death. I missed so much of my grandkids stuff, I missed my youngest daughter's, life. I just don't get time for myself either. I'm done.

Any who back to Monday morning. As I'm driving, my boss calls me and asks where i am at? and proceeds to tell me that the ambulance is on its way to pick up another client who fell out of the bathtub and broke his hips again. (Who just got out of the hospital a week ago for having hips replacement from falling on the ice.) And top of that I'm down one staff because he fell and sprained his leg from falling on ice, not once but twice.

I've been doing this job as a care giver for years, and I handle a lot of stress every day. Unlike most of the world, when I got covid 2 years ago and I didn't get to stay home, I had to work 12 hr. days for 13 days straight. I had some staff who were in the hospital, I had some who couldn't work for 2 weeks, I had clients who had covid like me, but you would have never known we had it. I had one client who was on ventilator and almost died twice. My co-director who did a lot to make sure we had everything we needed, wouldn't even come to the facilities, because she was afraid of catching covid, but made every-one else work. But had the gall to take credit for working so hard. Unfortunately, her hair fell out because she stressed herself so much over it.

The more I write about my job, the angrier I get. I'm going to leave it here for now, until tomorrow.

PS: where did all the good workers go?

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