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I finally made the Plunge

Good morning my friends, as of 3/5/23 @10:33am I deactivated FB from all my electronic devices after 20 years. I feel rejuvenated, been toying with the idea since last year and finally pushed the button, and many years of stress left. 15 years I use to run a blog that had over 30000 visitors a year. Now that I'm way older in my years, let see if I can get 50000 reading my blog.

Twitter 4 yrs ago gone

Snapchat 2 yrs ago gone

Tiktok 9 months gone

FB book gone

In this blog you're going to see me talk about small town Wyoming, things we can do, things we can't do, small town businesses, small town people, things I do, things i sell on the side. projects I'm working on, my weight loss journey, my darling husband, spiritual needs, and whatever else I can think of.

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